This sonification, designed by Christopher Luna-Mega, works with LTER water quality sampling data from 1992-2018 from the mouth of Cattleshed Creek off of Hog Island. Despite the names, neither cattle nor hogs live on this barrier island, which has not been inhabited since the 1930s. The variation in ammonia and phosphate readings expressed in this sonification are therefore driven mainly by weather events, especially storms. [We are working on a sonification of water quality at the mouth of a creek flowing from the inhabited mainland. Check back for comparison.] Luna-Mega created this sonification with a frequency filter that sweeps through a field recording of the shore.

Data citation: McGlathery, K. and R. Christian. 2018. Water Quality Sampling – integrated measurements for the Virginia Coast, 1992-2018. Virginia Coast Reserve Long-Term Ecological Research Project Data Publication knb-lter-vcr.247.10 (doi:doi:10.6073/pasta/b650b236f092e0fdee0d5d8ccf521cb3 ).

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