Created by Eli Stine, who was a PhD Candidate in Music at the time (now Visiting Assistant Professor at the Oberlin Conservatory), this piece maps the reef noise recorded by Stine with Martin Volaric, PhD candidate in Environmental Science. Volaric and Stine, working under the direction of LTER investigator Matt Reidenbach, developed and deployed a hydrophonic instrument to record hundreds of hours of reef activity. Stine then created an immersive sound model. Using the recordings as data, four frequency sub-bands were analyzed and segmented to generate events with different intensity, directionality, and duration. These events were tagged by their location in the tide cycle and used to train a Markov model. After selecting or dynamically changing a “tide location” variable, the 4-dimensional output of this model may be mapped on to different sets of sounds (using AcousMIDI), effectively recreating the biotic and abiotic activity of the oyster reef.

The Conservatory